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David, Photographer 

live life


"I take pictures of the beauty that others cant see within" 


I'm a freelance photographer, travel enthusiast, adventure seeker. I started doing photography about 3 years ago and it has given me a way to show everyone how I see the world. With photography, I have been able to capture moments that are significant and memorable in someone's life. I have also been able to capture the unique self of a person. When I see something I see the beauty in it and I take the photo. I use my camera to capture what I see and the way they are, the way I see the beauty and capture a moment in time.


Sometimes I believe not many people get to see the magic of this world, the moments that could never be recreated, so people don't really take advantage of it and that's what I want others to realize. every photo I take I want everyone to see beautiful visuals of life and what it has to offer. I want to show others an amazing adventure while taking photos and to be able to show people how amazing they are. I want others to be able to explore the unknown and have those memories to cherish with a photo that becomes a memory they will take with them. every time you see a photo I want you to be able to relive that moment, the same emotion, that make it so special 

When I take a picture I make sure that when I capture the moment, it's genuine and everything flows together in the photo and how its mood can change in an instant, it can make or break the photo its self. I will wait seconds, minutes, even hours for the perfect photo that will tell a story and its purpose. What really brings it out altogether is that its a perfectly imperfect story that I want to tell and let others see and be able to understand within the picture. 


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”- Robert Frank 

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